A downloadable Cthulhu Dark scenario

This is a Cthulhu Dark Scenario inspired by a namesake short story written by the American author Hugh B. Cave. When I say “inspired” I mean the story idea is basically the same but I took the liberty of filling in some gaps, changing all the names and adapting a bunch of stuff so it could work well as a playable experience. 

This scenario has themes of child kidnapping, eugenics, dark pregnancy, death, spirits, a little gore and terrible creatures.  

It is recommended to mature players (18+).

A year ago one of the player’s characters went to an island to cover the disappearance of a child. The character should be a journalist. At the time, Kate Lewis (the child’s mother) was the center of a media storm due to her insistence that her missing child had been kidnapped. A week later the red bicycle of the child was found underwater near a cavern entrance by the beach. The media reported that the consensus opinion from rescue personnel was that it was likely the child had accidentally drowned, swept away by powerful underwater currents. His body was never found and Kate Lewis never recovered from the trauma or accepted this conclusion.

Last dawn a tremor struck the island and the majority of its population was evacuated to a nearby town: the small city of Monterey on the west coast. Water levels, after the tremor, rose rapidly, threatening to drown the entire island. Some say there was something else terrible happening. Only a few locals had the guts to remain on the island, like captains going down with a sinking ship. One of them, of course, is Kate Lewis.

This zine has 24 pages and was designed to be enough to one-shot game sessions with 3 to 4 good friends. The interior pictures are by the amazing photographer JR Korpa and everything you'll read in it is 100% fiction.  I own no rights over Hugh B. Cave's work and this zine will always be distributed for free, as a tribute to his terrific horror stories. Go buy some books from the man on Amazon. Special thanks to Lucas Rolim for proof-reading and revising my terrible English writting.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorGuilherme Gontijo
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsHorror, zine


From the Lower Deep (v.1.1 typos corrected, sorry) 12 MB


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Meu, sensacional. Tive tempo apenas de passar apenas uma breve leitura mas o projeto está muito bem construído inclusive as imagens. Parabéns.

Muito obrigado, Guilherme! Espero que curta! Escolhi as imagens a dedo para passar a sensação que meus amigos tiveram quando rodei esse cenário para eles.