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The Tusu's Mine is a low-fantasy pamphlet dungeon fully adaptable to your own tabletop rpg. Designed to be played in a bronze age mythical Sumeria, the Tusu's mine is the Lair of a terrible and greedy post-human creature guarding the chalice of blood, an artifact capable to transform every human blood in wine. Tariq, a drunken mercenary, was hired to bring the Chalice and never came back. Now your mission is to rescue him (if he's still alive) and bring the chalice to a high noble. Explore it with your friends and let the most capable survive it's horrors.

The pamphlet dungeon contains:

- Brief descriptions of 10 areas;
- A micro bestiary with stats for 2 creatures, Manishtusu and 1 NPC;
- Informational space so you can create your own traps and make this dungeon yours!
- Totally adaptable to any system you want (but perfect with OSR systems!).
- Pdfs to english speakers and portuguese speakers.

Download, print and fold it in 3! 

Survive the Tusu's Mine today!


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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THE TUSU'S MINE - English 1 MB
A MINA DE TUSU - Portuguese 1 MB

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